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Orient Mosaic was established in 1995. Its second plant began its operation in 2000 and since then glass and crystal mosaics have been manufactured and sold. In addition to its extensive years of experience in mosaic production and sales, Orient Mosaic manufactures all the products on its own grounds. With the strength it gains from its wide-ranging experience, Orient Mosaic is able to successfully meet its customers’ expectations by offering a large capacity and diversity of its products and hence ensuring stable growth. Orient Mosaic offers a production of 10.000 m² of crystal mosaics and 30.000 m² of glass mosaics for its local and international markets.

Total customer orientation is a vital principle at Orient Mosaic, therefor, before finalizing quantities and prices from the list of 400 product options available at Orient Mosaic, customers are able to have their own designs for production.



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